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Immo Pierre has specialists in property estimates in Charlieu and Roanne, who cover a wide area. Take advantage of personalised assistance to sell your property, whatever its price: barn to renovate, recent house, château, estate with outbuildings, small flat, duplex, whole building... No selection is made on the properties, the challenge is to find the right buyer for each offer!


The process of putting your property up for sale begins with a property valuation to determine the price based on a number of criteria:

  • current demand for this type of property
  • living space, number of rooms
  • surface area and nature of outdoor spaces: garden, terrace, swimming pool, meadows, woods, etc.
  • outbuildings, garage
  • general condition and any work to be carried out
  • style of decoration, charm of the place
  • location : shops, neighbourhood, access, etc.
  • etc.

This first visit is also an opportunity to take photos to prepare an advert.

Sales mandate
and organising visits

You can choose between 3 options for your sales mandate, the differences between which will be explained in detail:

  • Simple
  • Preference
  • Exclusive

Once the mandate has been signed, your advisor will look for potential buyers whose budget corresponds to your selling price, who may come forward after viewing the ad or be contacted because they have sent their search criteria to the agency.

After each visit, you'll be informed of what potential buyers liked and didn't like.

Contact a real estate agent pto find out more. To get in touch with a specific person, you can use the individual details of estate agents.

Based in Charlieu and Roanne, the Immo Pierre agencies cover various sectors:

  • Southern Burgundy, particularly in the Charolais-Brionnais region
  • Haut-Beaujolais
  • Roannais and Charlieu-Belmont regions

To get an idea of how the property market is developing, take a look at the factsheets available online :

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